Full Name
Ramesh Raj Kishore
Job Title
Regional Director
Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Security Institute
Speaker Bio
Mr. Ramesh Raj is currently The Pharmaceutical Security Institute’s Regional Director (Asia Pacific) where he is working towards improving and strengthening relationships between governments and the pharmaceutical industry whilst carrying out capacity building and training for law enforcement agencies in the APAC region.

Mr. Raj has served almost three decades of his career in the civil service, specialising in areas of Criminal Intelligence gathering (Police Intelligence department), Investigation into anti-counterfeiting and other specialized crimes like secret societies (Criminal Investigation Department).

Mr. Raj commenced his distinguished career with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore, where he was a lay prosecutor and in August 2016, he was the Head of the Enforcement Operations Unit overseeing field enforcement activities, surveillance, seizure management and coordinated efforts with other law enforcement agencies (LEAs). His accomplishments included several successfully prosecuted landmark cases involving rouge medical practitioners and counterfeit medical devices.

His working relationship with international organizations is excellent and dates to 2011 when he was a co-trainer for Interpol and has presented on the challenges of pharmaceutical crime to law enforcement agencies in the Asia Pacific Region for several years.
Ramesh Raj Kishore